hell day
Submitted my previous skin here (:

Here's the link: Escapist :)
HAHA. The title was inspired by our Religion lesson. About the Ten Commandments.
And one of the "forbids" of the eighth commandment (You shall not bear false witness
against your neighbor) was ESCAPIST LYING. XDDD

OMG CO training was hell day a while ago. AND I WAS EXCUSED. We had our broadcasting practice and now I feel guilty, 'cos I didn't do any pumpings, suicides, knuckle pushups, and any physical activity LOL. And my fellow COs were, up to now, in physical pain. I remember Carrie being unbelievably silent on our way home for that reason. Wooot.

Yeah we had the Sebastinnovation (haha WTH for a title) seminar, convention, or whatever this day. In the morning we tackled about Robotics crap. Patenting and the investigative projects are topics I understood but then, the third speaker, who is an engineer, started talking about her thesis. DUH D'YOU THINK WE'D UNDERSTAND THAT. I'm in junior high school for Bob's sake. I chatted with my seatmates instead.

In the afternoon it was fun! First, electronics. I didn't contribute much except teasing Carrie endlessly to Rowin (with the help of Lyca, Trixie, and EJ) HAHAHA. And I think we pissed off his ex, who is our groupmate as well LOLOLOLOL. BUT it's pointless. I mean, past is past, right? BAHAHA.

We They (mostly Kiel) made that light-dependent resistor thing. I just played around. Next, the Robotics itself. There were inventions there--a robotic arm, and an underdeveloped mobile car LOL (kidding). It's fascinating.

BUT, surprisingly, Physics was the best for me. At first I was groaning when it's time for Physics but then, I understood it. The projectile thing. And there was a projectile launcher. IT WAS AWESOME hahahaha. I know I'll change my mind about this when I'm a senior. But right now I love Physics so, let it be! XD

KK GTG. Tomorrow need to be at school before 7. xxx

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Friday, September 17, 2010
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