Back from hiatus mode LOL. (Do you qualify that as hiatus? I mean, I'm only gone for three days. Haha WTH)

I'm effin pissed today because:

1. I was kicked off the SEM presentation for the Family Day. Because I didn't attend practice. Well I was going to attend practice but I was very late so I decided not to.

2. THE CHOLERIC GIRL IS REALLY A SPOTLIGHT HOG. She was supposed to sing and now (as Carrie told me) the group who was supposed to dance needs to "adjust to make space for her, as she is going to be dancing too." AAAND she's at the front row of dancers, at the middle, since "she's small." &%$!

3. Dad wants me off the computer.

I'll tell the whole story about the field trip tomorrow ;)


OK. I feel energized :) And I have to blog this ASAP or else the memories won't be as fresh as it was LOL.

Went to school about 4:30 AM. It was still dark. Took off at 5AM and Carrie was my seatmate. Across us were Trixie and Lyca. In front, EJ and Cathy. Majae and Gene at the back. WOOOO :D

First itinerary was Tree Top Adventure but the trip was about 3-3 hours and a half long. Eating, camwhoring, and laughing the whole way. We had our tour guide too but I seldom pay attention. I answer when I know the answers though LOL.

Stopover at Pampanga. I bought a Boston doughnut and bottled water.
The seniors would go to Ocean Adventure first while we're in the Tree Top Adventure :| So we never met. In TTA, we went to three rides: Zipline (Superman ride XD), Trekking, and Canopy Ride.

I loved the Zipline the best! I mean, it's like we're human cable cars hanging suspended in the air for about 50-80 meters. EJ was my partner and we were yelling our guts out.

Trekking was fun but tiring. There was also a demo on Jungle Survival. IT WAS COOL. Kuya Jun created fire only out of bamboo and a jungle bolo.

Canopy Ride! EJ and Kiel with me. EJ was screaming and very afraid while Kiel and I just pushed each other and twirled around HAHAHA.

Then Ocean Adventure. Sea lions, fishes in aquariums and everything. THE DOLPHIN SHOW WAS AWESOME. There was an exhibition where the trainers rode on the dolphin's backs then they were thrown midair with the dolphins COOL.

Last destination: Royal Duty Free. I bought Pop Tarts and Cadbury chocolates. I had two dollars left LOL. Then I asked Gene to buy me Beef Franks on buns then went to Starbucks with Trixie :D She bought Java Chip and me, Coffee Jelly. I bought Mocha Frapp as Robert told me. We were the last to go back the bus LOL

On the way home we played, laughed, ate, slept XD
That's all. Wait for the pictures LOL



LOL at Tree Top Adventure. Can't see me huh?

Trixie, Lyca, Carrie, me :D

Sorry that's all. I didn't bring my cam leh. BB!

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Friday, September 24, 2010
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