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This morning we had our Echo training. And Alwin had his Family Day (Mom and Dad came). It's for the freshmen and sophies. On the 25th the juniors and seniors will have theirs. Yayayayy.

After that, ate lunch with the whole family. In Asao's. I had Chicken Teriyaki. I liked the Tapioca. But it messed the iced tea's taste--it was bitter afterwards. Anyway it was good :D

HAHA I erased my second blogskin. The WYSIWYG one. It was fugly.

I still can't get over Hunger Games. I mean, Suzanne Collins knows how to deliver the climax of the story, but then she leaves you hanging there. So I'm a bit disappointed. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE PEETA HEARTBROKEN. And Ma'am Kim, my officer, said that all books were like that. So I'm pretty depressed today. Not only that. I want to buy the book!

Okay. I said I would figure out why I'm this sad.

1. I still have to buy the book.
2. The ending is depressing.
3. Peeta is heartbroken. AND HE'S NOT REAL. Damn.
4. Katy Perry's song Firework was playing while I was reading the cute part of their interview with Caesar, almost at the end. So every time it plays I remember HG.

Gahhh. I've never been affected this much by a book before. Ridiculous.


Submitted new blogskin!

Show some love. It's the most simple way to cheer me up LOL. Thanks :D

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Saturday, September 11, 2010
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