why are people mean?!
Letter 9 — Someone you wish you could meet

OMG. No second thoughts.

Sorry, Yesung, but Kurt's hotter. And I've known him waaaay earlier LOL. I really wanna meet the Glee cast in person, or Chris at the least. Gay or not I LOVE CHRIS COLFER. ♥ Chris, meet me someday in, oh, Starbucks or smthn. xx

OK. So I'm sulking here at home and I'm giving Dad the silent treatment. HE WON'T RETURN MY BABY TO ME. I'm thinking, to wherever he's keeping my iTouch, isn't it full of dust mites already? And it's off for almost three weeks!! I now know why he kept it: here's how it went.

      Once upon a time, I finished my article for the school paper, and I need to submit the soft copy to our adviser. I saw Dad's flash drive (he has his songs here); I used it. I saved the soft copy here, brought it to school the next day, and submitted it to Ma'am Farrah. She returned it four days later. During those four days Dad was looking for his flash drive and HE NEVER ASKED ME (I also had my fault; I didn't tell him that I used it). So so, he got mad, bla bla bla bla, and confiscated my baby.

I really am sulky today. THREE LETTERS: WTF.


Cooled off a bit. But Mom depressed me even more when she told me that my iPod jock was in the drawer, just to remind me. And CARLO BOBADILLA as well. He asked me how to DL Tap Tap songs! GAHHHH. I miss playing TTR3. I'm afraid I won't be as good as I was before if I didn't constantly practice. :((((

Just saw our Social Studies lecture a while ago. Ima ace SS this time, HA. It's all about Greek mythology. When I was like, ten, Mom bought this set of encyclopedias and I read Greek mythology the most because it was the most colorful (complete with illustrations. Hahahaha). And that was also the time when I read my first pocketbook, The Trojan War by Bernard Evslin. So so, can't wait for SS right now. This should be interesting ;)

Could is should
Should is would
Would is wood, of course
What began with an apple
Must end with a horse

BB. Need to finish TLE homework + a new article! xx

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Monday, August 30, 2010
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