stare O.O
I see the future: a red mark for Chem.

Okay, so Chemistry periodicals has to be on Friday the 13th? x.x

Timmy Turner: You've got to be kidding me!
Jorgen von Strangle: I am NOT to be kidding you!

Tests today.. not bad. Math was, fine. TLE and Filipino too. All tests were short (hahas).

Before I went downstairs after all the tests Ma'am E came my way and said I had many mistakes in Math. Four mistakes. That's already many for her? Haha XD I calculated my tentative grade in Math. It's 97.3 LOL

It's Kuya Lem's birthday! And Kim Chan's as well LOL Happy birthday to both of you guys :D (Feeling close much? Haha. At least I greeted ;p)

HELL DAY TOMORROW. YEAH literally. Ugh. Chemistry, then Computer and MAPEH. Chem--well, do I have to explain?! For Computer, Sir B explained that there'll be actual coding. That's hard 'cause you can't preview your codes, right?! Hahas. Whatever. For MAPEH well there's a lotta terms. Pfffft.

That's it. I feel like I need to study XD

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Thursday, August 12, 2010
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