Letter 5 - Your dreams

Guys, you're countless. LOL. But really, I dream of a happy junior life. And a trip to Paris. DO COME TRUE ONE DAY. Okay I sound retard o.O HAHAHA.

OMG. It's my ultimate crush on the right side. Ten years ago?! IDK!

Karakol day today. Here at Trixie's house with my sistars (Lyca, Carrie, Trixie); ate lunch here too. HAHAHA, a moment ago we were makin fun of one of our acquaintance's boyfriend. I MEAN, HE WAS FUGLY. HAHAHA. Uglier than me, the freak. Oh well. And Trixie's reaction was effin funny. She screamed in a shocked, funny way, LOLOLOL.

While street-dancing I was sweating hard WTF. The juniors were the only un-uniform people (we had different attires).

SHIT, I forgot that it was Yesung's birthday on the 24th.
In case you don't know, YESUNG IS FREAKING HOT AND CUTE. I never knew that I would love someone in Korea. HAHAHA. Overrr.

And yeah. Miss Venus Raj. MAJOR MAJOR. XD But I'm proud of her. The Q&A portion just messed her chance of winning the Miss Universe crown.

And the hostage-taking. Yeah, the SWAT team... no comment. I think they didn't handle the sitch quite well.

What else? YEAH we placed second in the speech choir this Buwan ng Wika (Wednesday). Jonelle, Gene, and Carrie placed second too in Balagtasan, although they were really good up there--no forgotten lines or smthn. But the first placer forgot some lines; so I didn't know what kind of criteria the judges used. In my eyes Jonelle's group won.

Thursday: the Exponent Club placed second in the Know My Faith Quiz Bee. BY TWO POINTS. Sayang. But, OK. Cash prize: P1200. I thought we each have P300 but it was donated to the club fund. HAHA.

That's all. GTG back to school at 2PM. ♥


He portrayed St. Augustine. OMG.

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Friday, August 27, 2010
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