novelty WHAT?
Excused for today's training. Attended a different training, this time for journ. Hahas.

News-writing. Whew. MJ for Filipino and me for English. Basics first today: summary lead. I identified the 5 W's and H + made my own summary leads (3), fact sheet provided.

Fact sheet. HAHAHA. Imba ;p

Went to 7/11 alone. *sigh* And yeah I was texting Kuya Neljo, and he was surprised that I know Alesana, The Thespian particularly. Well I play that in TTR3, extreme! It was one my favorites because it's easy to score 1M there. Hahahaha.

Changed my tagboard. Shoutmix very slow so changed to Cbox. Roughly translated, my Cbox is EMPTYYY.

What else? Boring here at the house. Should've attended speech choir practice but feelin lazy. Hahaha. KK laterrrr ♥


Oh yeah, happy birthday Ma'am Lea. :D Enjoy your day!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010
@ 15:45