random events. hahas.
Forgot to update last night! Haha.
Yesterday was fun. OH NO I TAKE THAT BACK.

Morning: periodicals. For Chem and Computer and MAPEH. Chem was.. gah. Concept recall? Wazzat? AAAAAND the physical or chemical change/properties whatever. ROFL I'm already a junior and yet I'm still confused with homo/hetero. Well, how am I supposed to know if brass was homogenous as well as air? *sorry, dumbass here*

Computer confusing too. I know how to code, duh, it's just that, it's hard in written exams. I wish it was actual or maybe practical next time. How can you preview your codes? :| MAPEH was somehow easy, but okay overall.

Before lunch: At the quadrangle! We were all there goofing around.
One cheesy moment: I was playing around and EJ was beside me and he twitched my shoulders in his direction who was, unexpectedly, behind us. XD I felt rude because I turned away and didn't even greet :\

Afternoon: CELEBRATION! No, not yet. Went to McDo for lunch then hurried back to school for the Catholic Faith elimination round.

REPRESENTING THE EXPONENT CLUB. My groupmates were Ma'am Ayra (senior, VP-External for Expo, and my officer), Lovelyn (sophomore BUT she's the topnotcher ;D), and Ate Steph (senior, Exponent's president). We were given 60 questions to answer and
yay, we had 45 correct answers LOL. But that's the highest, so we're up to the finals, yay! Next group is Echo (Gene's there, + Ma'am Anne. IDK about the others) who got 43 points.

Then C (not Carrie. This one's a guy ♥) had a long chat with Lyca. Hihi. Trixie, Carrie, and I tried to take pics but somehow we couldn't capture them from an inconspicuous angle, LOL.

After that, went to Trixie's house! Together with Majae, T, L, and C (this time it's Carrie. Hahas). Watched Final Destination IV PHEW. It was bloody, like Happy Tree Friends come to life. Hahaha. Ate champorado after that, hahaha! Had fun anyway. :)

That's yesterday's update. ;D

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Saturday, August 14, 2010
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