I need to finish my projects today x.x
BUT currently making a new skin. Hahas. I aim to finish this first, LOL

Update y'all later.


It's already 7PM. Gahaha.
Done making my skin! Here it is. Beige and pink ♥ I think it's cute. Don't you? :D
Spent four hours for this brain-cracking HTML coding. Well, nice job anyway. I'll submit this the next time I change skins >:D

Hahaha. Kk. Alwin needs to use the computer :| AND I need to study for Monday's quizzes. Oh crap the project. :@ Forgot that! UGH.

Yeah Happy birthday Dad :). Haha. One more year and you're on your forties! LOL

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Saturday, August 07, 2010
@ 14:49