i think you deserve the silent treatment.
Letter 3 — Your parents

Dear Mom and Dad, I love you the way you are. Haha sweet ♥

P.S. Okay. Dad, can you return my iTouch now?! LOL

He laughs at my dreams, but I dream of his laughter.

Effin mad at some gal in school. FLIRT :b And I just really don't like her "personal usefulness" attitude. GRRRRR

Happy today! I was excused after recess (MAPEH time) so we could go to the City Hall. With Ma'am Glory May, Ma'am Joannah, Kuya Lemuel, and Ate Benji. Somehow I was tongue-tied at first but then we talked a lotta things. Kuya Lem is funny, haha. And yeah he's the photojournalist and Ma'am Glory was his main subject. I wasn't in a camwhore mood that time WTH. Haha. And I had a conspicuous zit at the forehead today GAHHH.

We interviewed Mayor. But before that we waited for two hours. Two hours for a 30-minute interview LOL. Ironic. But at least, thankful because it's a memorable experience. And at least we were granted the interview. About his opinions, plans, projects for Cavite City, etc. etc.

New lesson in Math: equidistance. Haha. Didn't attend the discussion but yeah I get it.

APPA had lunch with us! It's Korean for 'dad' or 'papa'. Haha. It's Sir Molina. We're (Carrie, Lyca, Trixie) his ttals, Korean for daughters. So happy. Waited for him but it's okay :D

And yeah. I'M going to represent SSC-R in the Division Science Quiz Bee GRRRRR. I didn't intend to do it D: I want Math. Haha. Guess I'm stuck here. 21/30. Next top scorers were Ada and Alex, both 19.

Excused for COCC training. Attended the karakol practice; WE SUCK LIKE HELL. The choreography's.. ugh. Whatever. This is really a waste of time.

But overall, fine :D BB! It's bedtime. Tomorrow's training for journ and speech choir practice in the afternoon. No COCC training--it's a holiday. But hectic still :|

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Friday, August 20, 2010
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