i love the way you lie
Letter 6 — A stranger

Um, who? Well I'll choose Nicole. As in THE nic96ole.
Dear Nicole, I do hope you're reading this, but I really love your skins and graphics site. YOUR AN AWESOME GIRLL ♥ I wanna be a pro like you someday. Haha. xoxo

Just got home. This day was fun. When we went back to school, we loitered around til we were told that G.O. #7 was not effective anymore! We were happy and played around.

* BTW G.O. #7 means "To talk to no one except in the line of duty." So so, we're not allowed to talk to anyone during recess, lunch, and before the flag ceremony except to our fellow COCCs and officers.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn..but that's alright because I like the way it hurts

Went to the canteen. Carrie, Trixie, Gene, Majae, Ma'am Ayra, Ma'am Nells, Te Krizzy, and Kuya Gaps were there--we talked a lot. HAHA and here's one funny part of the conversation. Ma'am Nells asked me about my 'love life' and I was like, shocked but wary. The others were making catcalls or smthn and it was kinda embarrassing because there were other people in the canteen. And, surprisingly, Ma'am Nells asked me, "Is it still him?" and I was wondering, "Who's him?" It can be Kuya R or Sir D or smthn LOLOLOL. And then Ma'am Nells told me that he was the guy who is currently in Adamson University! HAHAHA. OMG. That is so decades ago. And what's puzzling is that, the issue was still alive today although he's not in school anymore, AAAAND now that I have a new crush. Huh.

It's Yesung once again LOL. I feel bad about forgetting his birthday! :(((

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Friday, August 27, 2010
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