I really am early this morning. He was within ten meters LOL

Unit test results fine today.
Chem = 35/43 (Yeah I know, I didn't study the scientific traits crap LOL)
English = 70/73 (supposed to be 67/73 but got incentives for being an English Club member, HAHAs), and IDK about the others. Harhar.

Kim lost her Chem notebook today! :(((( I hope you find it, dear. BUT she got +5 points in our English unit test because she had the best lead (for the news story)! Congraaaaats. Haha I remember her expression when Ma'am C announced it. And her work was to be posted in the bulletin board. :D

Deadline for Filipino lectures extended tomorrow! :D And TLE quiz cancelled--tomorrow too. Aaaaaand CHEM :| AAAAGHH. Well, tomorrow's half-day, so what the hell. Just less than six hours to endure. AND also. Periodicals on Wednesday! Maaaaann. So forgive me if I'm not going to update til Friday afternoon.

Good luck to me. LOL

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Monday, August 09, 2010
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