Hihi. MIA mode. The telephone line in our street is shitty so we're disconnected from the online world as well. Dad's mad at the telephone company. Haha lol

This week has been really a blast. :D
COCC training has been always wonderful as long as he's there, haha!!!
Hell day last Friday. I think I did about, 100+ pumpings? After that in squatting position for 20 seconds. Really really tired. And right now, my thighs are still hurting.

I sneaked my baby yesterday. I'm planning to sneak this every Saturday, COCC training. :)
Played TTR3 with fellow COs. They were addicted to it as well. Sometimes I was a showoff, bleeeeh. I had a 1M score in Baby, EXTREME. Bahahahaha. >:D

What else? Oh yeah. Last Thursday he had lunch on our table, lol. The aura was serious though because of the stupid Chem test. Ugh. I HATE CHEMISTRY XDD But then, I spilt stew on Robert's pants and we all laughed hysterically. It lightened the mood. R was pissed off but we are in good terms later on lol

Right now I'm at the mall. I wanna buy Les Mis, the book. GTG

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Sunday, July 04, 2010
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