Connection fine but, I think it would fluctuate sooner or later :(

These days are blissful :D
Really happy. Especially being a COCC XDD

Yeah yeah recollection yesterday. Held at Oasis of Prayer in Silang. Sooooo cold. It was really fun. Eating all the way. But also some alone time for reflecting. :) We also confessed. The place is really picturesque, what with all the landscape. There are many trees, grassy grounds. Ü

Let the pictures tell what I haven't XDD

First photo. Robert (L) and Rowin (R) at the back. LOL. Singit lang. Hahahahas. That's me, Carrie, and Alexis, L-R.
PHOTO#2 Our name tags. Me and Kimmy. (I made those tags. Sorry--ugly penmanship LOL).
PHOTO#3 We found this cute hut near the chapel. (Everything there was wood-themed! So nice, huh?) Posed for a photo. Haha. (L-R) Trixie, Lyca, me, Carrie.
PHOTO#4 JUMP SHOT! lol. Kim took this pic, so obviously she's not there. That's Jovelle in the middle.
PHOTO#5 There was a small pond and a small bridge as well!

And a while ago. We had a seminar--for Sebastinian Echo Editorial Staff and Staff Writers--and it's all about news writing.

Two days straight without training. Great and lame at the same time D:

I'm finishing Maddy's skin. Laterrr :D


Done! Submitted HERE. Hope y'all like it. Especially Maddy. :)

I REALLY AM SICK OF MY SKIN. Really in need to change it. Hmm. Okay in the works Ü

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Saturday, July 10, 2010
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