getting to my nerves
Nice. Training today fine. (Not sure about Friday though..)

Thought I lost my cap this morning! Found it at the canteen phew.

Then this afternoon went back again to school for helping make the bulletin board of the Exponent (Math) Club. OH I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU YET D: I'm VP-Internal for EC! That means next year I'll take over. BAHAHAHA. Right: geeky, nerd-y, whatever. I love Math. Geometry seems waaaaayy cooler than Trig. For now Trig's all about Pythagorean crap, but in Geom, I love the angles! Hahahahaha.

Played volleyball with some guys there--Lyca, EJ, Alex, Boba, MJ, and Ericson, who was just dropping by. He spent his freshman year in SSC-R but transferred to some other place after that (IDK why). SAYANG WALA SI CARRIE. lol

Reviving my lively spirits (wushuuuu). Actually it's true. I'm usually a cheerful person and right now I'm trying to get over to what happened yesterday.

I NEED TO FINISH THREE ARTICLES FOR THE SCHOOL PAPER D: By next next week. So much for News Editor. BYE :)

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Saturday, July 24, 2010
@ 17:46