do you remember
What happened on Robert's birthday?
Hee. Well. Pictures paint a thousand words!

MIGADD it's microscopic. LOL. Don't bother zooming. There weren't a lot of nice pics. Most were stolen D:

Went to SM a while ago! Forgot to blog there, busy with TTR3. XD
Level 56. HA. New Tap Tracks! I really am addicted to this game now. Hahaha.

Yesterday, COCC Training. Our officers are proud of us because of the windmill formation. Lots of merits! :)


Mom bought two new pairs of footwear for me. YAAAAYY! First is the pair of cute brown sandals. I like it. Then black school shoes. The heels are more than an inch high (probably a centimeter. lol)! I seem taller now, haha.

That's all. Time's running out D: Three Two quizzes tomorrow (excempted in Geom because we won the group contest! :D). Chem and MAPEH!! GRRRR. I hate Chem. All about conversion factors and significant figures and scientific notations :( They're all annoying.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010
@ 19:22