Just got home from COCC training :D
Hahas. Went to McDonald's a while ago with Carrie, Robert, Alma, Kiel, Rea, Elai, Danica, MJ, Amity, Patrick, etc. etc. I had a monster float. Hahaha.

He had a new haircut!! :))))

AP time was a blast. Trixie had a stomachache. She was carried down WHILE SITTING ON HER CHAIR all the way from fourth floor to the clinic at the ground floor. Picture it, LOL. And while Sir Ponferrada was gone we adjusted the clock.

Kk. Gotta charge my baby. And yeah, tomorrow's Robert's birthday! We're going to his house and celebrate, YEAAAAAHH. AND I was allowed as long as I wash dishes for three days T.T But anyway, acceptable deal, so yeah.


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Friday, July 16, 2010
@ 20:06