like a pyramid
My young cousins are pissing me off. lol

Anyways. Earlier this morning we visited Mom in the hospital with the grandparents and Alwin. Mom's well now. I could afford to smile genuinely now Ü

I really felt nauseous with Dad and Gramp's conversation, with all the icky details. I mean, I wanna puke my guts out when Dad said he actually saw the gallbladder and the gallstones. He meant to keep it to show Mom. And Grandpa was looking at me worriedly because he knows I'm a fainthearted kid. (Trivia: I actually fainted twice at the sight of blood when I was like, twelve or something.) So yeah. I would definitely NOT take Nursing.

Lalalala. Oh yeah drop by a tag maybe and RUN! :)

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Thursday, June 03, 2010
@ 15:07