highway to hell
This morning Dad and I went to SM Rosario for last-minute school supplies shopping. It was raining--cool.

So I texted Mom if she wants a new book. And we agreed on Mitch Albom's For One More Day. And that was when I saw this book: Mr. Darcy's Diary. Oh God oh God oh God. I read some parts, events that happened in Rosings Park and Pemeberley. The book is charming. But I can't afford the two books. Oh crap. I regret not bringing more of my savings. So I left it there and left the bookstore heavy-hearted. Hahahaha. I'm silly enough to be affected this much by a book.

I started reading FOMD in the car and after ten minutes I stopped it. First, I wasn't in the mood for reading. Second, we're in a moving vehicle and I felt nauseous.

I feel depressed over that book! HAHAHAHA. Whatever. I thought about it over lunch and tried not to think of regret but be determined in having that book. LOL.
I WILL have that book before August.

And yeah. I saw Glee's promo for the season finale!! Sue was the announcer of the winner. Shelby was there, too. Vocal Adrenaline did their Highway to Hell number. IDK about New Directions, but they're wearing gold and black clothes. And Rachel kissed Finn!! :)))))


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Sunday, June 06, 2010
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