don't ruin the fun
First day of school was....fine. *lame*
Hello waking-up-early days. I arrived at school at the usual place, the fave spot of ours since we're sophomores. And then I saw my pals one at a time and I MISSED THEM LIKE HELL. And the papers where the list of students per section was posted near the office and we were all like, dying to see it.

I'm in III - St. Ezekiel Moreno. With Mrs. Farrah Columna as our adviser :DD

And here's something VERY ANNOYING. In our section St. Ezekiel Moreno (star section) there're ONLY EIGHT BOYS. And thirty-one thirty girls. WTH?! They changed the system in choosing the students for the star section! Last year they made sure that the ratio of boys to girls be close as possible. And now whoever the Top 40 students are will be in the first section. GRR

Mmkay. What else? Hahaha. Oh yeah Kiel has braces!!! LOL I keep laughing at him. Oh shoot I forgot to give him the flash drive. :b Next time.

And yeah. There was this weird girl (I think she's weird because she's quiet). Trixie's friend. And they left me in the table with her! Good thing there was Patrick with me. :))

That's all. Hehe. And tomorrow no classes! Regular classes start on June 9.
Don't get me wrong. I miss Sir Alvin as well but his quizzes are reaaaally hard.
COCC recruiting is on June 15. OMG OMG.

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Monday, June 07, 2010
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