don't go for second best, baby
First week in school!! :DD

All subject requirements finished. Except for MAPEH. And yeah we have a wash day. But we're not going to wear civilian clothes, we have our own wash day uniform. Gah.

Last Wednesday we got acquainted with all the teachers, except Mrs. G for Chem (she's absent). Ma'am E (Geometry) made me the leader for Group 5. I kept on laughing in front of Sir Ponferrada so I vowed to behave better next time :| All those requirements got us all worried but it's finished anyway phew. And last Thursday we had an earthquake drill. It was darned funny because, we have a rescue team and all in the school. And there were four students who acted as casualties, HAHAHA! And Shem was one of those students! He was on a stretcher, hahas. Shem's a freshman and he's from my grade school. Carrie and I were happy to see them four again, here in SSC-R. Junndale, Sharlle, and Norman were enrolled here as freshmen too.

Yesterday was also amazing. Except that Sir Roneth made me write the MAPEH lecture on the board. PLEASE, I do NOT want to be secretary again. All those chalk dust and having to catch up the lectures. Never again.

Anyways we won the group contest in Math!! I love math. Our group got 13/15. Genevieve and her group went second with twelve points. Hehe. I'm liking third year Religion now. It's about morality and all. Sir G asked about philosophers and I just blurted out, "Socrates". Whatever hahas. I was right anyway :D

And I did behave better in Social Studies class! Stuck to my promise. I composed my face when I felt laughing--just smiled. Recited once, something about continents. It went like this: Sir P asked the class and looked around, he met my eye, I was like, 'Oh God I'll be called on to recite,' and he went near my seat, then he asked what I think (TIP: Once a teacher gives the class a question, don't look at them straight at the eye unless you know the answer). His eyes were really probing--too bright, haha. I wrote the lecture again. Serves me right, I guess this makes up for me laughing at Sir two days ago.

and the sun's a ball of butter ♥


Saturday, June 12, 2010
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