you can't always get what you want
CSS is going to drive me crazy LOL
Anyways, I just got enrolled in SSC-R. Now I'm sure I'm gonna be there for the next school year phew. Alwin, too. Wow, like, he's sooo lucky to still be there after all those kind of grades he had. I wonder how Mom won the argument--Dad wants to pull him out. Whatev, it's done.

Oh yeah. While enrolling I saw Mister Mister. I was like "WTF?" the whole time because isn't his business done there? He just graduated LOL And I was super uncomfortable because he was like, fifty yards away from me. Hahaha I'm overreacting again.

Kekez I gotta finish this entry. Stupid Internet connection, it's fluctuating. One minute I'm connected and the next I'm not. WTF. Okay bye :D

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010
@ 16:50