Just submitted my third blogskin HERE :D
I REALLY WANT AN SOTD laaaaawl. This one's kinda similar to the first--white background, colorful and neat.

Please do give it some love. Rate or comment tyvm :) Or if you really love me you can favorite it or download and use it for your blog XD I hope I'm not getting over-desperate about this.

I'm still loving my new hairdo. I can't use shampoo--just conditioner. Oh well.
It's still sunny. I wonder when it's gonna rain? I wish the last weeks of June would be rainy. Or better at the start of classes. So we're excused from flag ceremonies LOL The quadrangle is an open space and that's where we conduct our flag ceremonies. If it always rains then the court's all wet and full of water puddles and we have to go straight to our classrooms :D

Junior year, here I come :)
Kk gotta go. Lovelots ♥

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010
@ 17:00