proud mary
Okay. Properly seated here in Netopia. Mom's two units away from me, LOL

I can't contribute the latest skin I've coded :(((
It's in my flash drive but it's not allowed here in comp shops. It's my fourth skin and my first navigational skin. D:
I do hope the connection at home would be back to normal once again :|

I really don't understand KPop crazed fans. I have a lot of friends who are idolizing cute stars who sing songs with lyrics we really don't understand. :/

Gosh. A pop-up balloon says "You have ten minutes left." Eeeek. Okay, I have to go guys. Please do show some love here and here. Kbai ♥

I'd probably be announcing I'm in MIA mode til everything's fine again. :(


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Sunday, May 23, 2010
@ 15:46