nightmare at elm's street
Yaaaay! I really feel happy today. I chilled out at the mall with my Grade Six friends; it was like, two years since we last met.

Gosh they changed a lot :) Vam was taller. Beah's body is smokin', KC & Nikki & Eliza and I are of same height. We first had a chit-chat at French Baker and then went to buy a shake from Zagu. And oh yeah. I spilled my chocolate shake while I was trying to pop in the straw LOL Beah cleaned what I spilled with tissue--I love her for that, hoodie was messed up, they were all laughing, the Zagu vendor frowned (I bet he's the one who's gonna clean it up, XD) it was epic. Hahaha.

We also bought popcorn--til now my fingers are orange from it. It was flavored cheese. Heh.

We watched Nightmare on Elm's Street. It was freaking scary. We saw Emmett (LOL). No, really. Kellan was there at the beginning. He was the first person to die. Tsk. We were the only noisy ones there WTH. Hahaha. We were quite out of breath when it ended.

After that we had a picture taking :D I'll upload the pic some other time. I'm gonna miss these guys soo much. I hope there'll be another kind of reunion like this :)

Okay I gotta sleep. LOL I remember Kruger. Whatever. Night :D

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Friday, May 14, 2010
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