don't rain on my parade
Okay, Kerstan's party was over two hours ago. It was fun XD Well, all I did was eat and watch anyway. Later on we played at the playground (duh) and Gabo hit his head on a rock. He had a small wound at the back of his head. God I really panicked before because his sando had a lot of blood in it WTH. I felt kinda dizzy. Anyway everything was fine. I lay on the grassy ground with my iPod and I really didn't want to leave.

On our way home I remembered the discussion my uncles and I had. They were talking about courses I could take WTH. Haha they had reason enough, I'm a junior this school year. Pharmacy sounds nice, I said. And Accountancy. NO WAY for Nursing or Medicine and anything bloody. I sort of think of the tests we're going to take when we're seniors to know what course suits us best. Haha I suddenly remember the National Achievement Test. It was freakishly head-aching that almost at the end, under Social Studies category I just guessed the answers. It was all multiple choice WTF.

Okay. GTG. We're in the mall actually and I'm availing of their WiFi service LOL

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Sunday, May 16, 2010
@ 15:06