hold your breath
IT'S SOOOO HOT IN HERE OMG. I feel like being inside a microwave. Climate change? WTH.

I badly want to submit as many blogskins as I can while it's still our vacation. I know once it's June I won't be having the privilege of using the computer anytime. My goal: to have at least ONE SOTD in blogskins LOL. Right now it still seems so far-fetched so what the hell. Just one SOTD. Pleeeease Lord. Hahaha.

Junior year is gonna be a blast. Computer subject, especially. Well, the curricula's all about CSS so that means I already got a head start. Chemistry would probably be like Biology (BOY I vainly hope not) but it's all with the teacher. Geometry feels awesome. I mean, I generally love Math.

Wow. My second blogskin is much more of a success than the first one. And I thought the first one's cuter :((( I mean, it's my current blogskin LOL

That's all. Sooner or later I'll be toast here. xoxo

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Monday, May 17, 2010
@ 16:28