new blog. yaaaay :D
First post. Update you next time. Kbye :D

UPDATE (as of May 21, 2013):
This really sucks. I mean, I could've made a decent first post in this blog which, take note, I would soon care about for three years (and counting). But no! I post these suck-ish three sentences which made no sense whatsoever. Ugh.

I believe, during these times, I was still figuring out how to do a layout :D HAHAHAHAHAHA. Looking back, yep, I really struggled. I immediately immersed myself in coding stuff without even knowing what 'padding' or 'line-height' was for. I keep on refreshing and when something looks wrong I would freak out, and yet that's how I learned. Not the best way, but I learned. (I wouldn't suggest it to the rest who are interested in HTML and CSS and all, do try checking out w3schools though)

That said, I feel satisfied with how I turned out to be. Doesn't change the fact that I still cringe when rereading the blog posts I've made two or three years ago, with all those senseless blabbering ha ha ha ha. I hope I've become better at blogging. But that's the point, at least I have an idea of what I was before, no matter how embarrassing my writing (or my own self) was.

And I do hope to run this blog for as long as I can. It sure feels nice that I get to chronicle my life somehow, and that I have something to look back to. Something that would make me remember :) Goodbye!

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Friday, April 23, 2010
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